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Working from Home?

We were asked to help our client with a project for domestic soundproofing in Hertfordshire.

It hadn't been apparent to Jane that her wonderful ome had previously had any issues with sound until COVID-19 struck and she was forced to work from her new makeshift office a.k.a. second bedroom. The room was by no means terrible for sound but after years of being in a working environment she found herself getting distracted and irritated at the slightest disruption i.e. passing cars, dogs barking, binmen etc etc.

After some discussion and an on-site consultation Jayne decided that she wanted to have a sanctuary where she would no longer be disturbed throughout the day and decided to treat two external soundproof walls and the ceiling soundproofing system of the bedroom with secondary glazing to be added on completion.

We once again achieved an amazing result with minimal loss of space and now Jane has a room that she can work and make calls from without fear of disruption and as an added bonus she now feels comfortable enough to turn the room into a guest room when having friends and family over.

A very happy customer with

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