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Soundproofing Walls

Here you will find a guide to different wall soundproofing solutions to suit all available space, budget and performance needs. 

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Boards direct to wall

This direct to wall system is best suited where space is at a premium and the noise disruption is less severe. The boards are supplied in 1200 x 1200 x 3 cm ready to install sheets and are best fixed using mechanical fixings. Once the sheets are securely fastened to brickwork/block work walls then the plasterboard covering is ready for a plaster skim finish. This is a great product up stairwell walls and a great addition where hallway space and door linings limit options.


(Approx 3cm loss of space)

Airborne 45 dB*

Clip & furring channel direct to wall

This is the ideal system where a little extra space is available. A mechanically fixed clip and furring channels are fastened directly to party wall to create subframe ready for mineral wool to assist in absorbing sound inside the cavity. From here a combination of high density, plasterboard and membrane are added to provide excellent soundproofing requiring only 7cm (approx) loss of space. 

Clip and furring channel direct to wall (7cm approx)

  • Install isolation clip and furring channels at 600mm centers across wall.

  • Spray contact adhesive mineral wool between furring channels.

  • Fix first layer of 15mm SoundBloc plasterboard to furring channels ensuring 5mm gap around edges.

  • Seal gaps with acoustic sealant.

  • Adhere Tecsound membrane over entire surface.

  • Fix second layer of 15mm SoundBloc plasterboard.

  • Plaster finish.

    (Approx 7cm loss of space)

Airborne: 62 dB*

Option 3: 
Independent timber stud frame

(inc clip and furring channel)