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Garage Soundproofing materials for music practice room in London.

Garage soundproofing for music room conversion.

Are you a music enthusiast who wants to create a space to practice in your own home? A small garage is a great option to convert into a music practice room. However, before you can start playing your instrument, soundproofing, the room is a must.

The process for soundproofing a small garage for use as a music practice room starts with identifying the source of the sound leakage. The most obvious and common source for this will be the garage door, but also the services from the garage to the main house. also need to be carefully considered.

Once all of the week points have been identified, it's time to choose the right materials. The most effective soundproofing materials lists include soundproofing products like: Muteclip® and furring channels, Tecsound SY70 viscoelastic membrane, high density Rockwool mineral wool and acoustic sealant.

We constructed our timber frame system to the exterior walls, and also added a false timber ceiling, all the while carefully, ensuring that the frames had minimal contact with the existing structure using isolation rubber strips to reduce sound transmission.

After the frames were put into place, it was now time to add the acoustic mineral wool inside all of the cavities before adding our clip and furring channel system to the timber studs and joists before preparing to add the soundproof plasterboard and membrane.

After fixing each layer of plasterboard and text sound SY 70 viscoelastic membrane. We seal each layer using intumescent AC 90 acoustic sealant to retain a tight seal reducing any gaps for the sound to pass through.

The room is now ready for plastering, and for the air-conditioning unit to be attached to the finished walls.

The importance of soundproofing your small garage as a music practice room cannot be overstated. You know and insures that your sound does not leak out and disturb your neighbours, but also helps you focus on your music being distracted by external noises.

In summary to soundproof a small garage as a music practice room, you will need to identify sources of sound leaks, choose effective, soundproofing materials (and acoustic treatment on completion) to utilise and best use smaller practice spaces.

With proper soundproofing, you can create a space where you can practice create and enjoy music without any interruptions.

Materials used:

MuteClip® and MuteClip channels.

Timber stud.

Tecsound SY70.

Rockwool RW3.

AC90 acoustic sealant.

15mm SoundBloc plasterboard.

Drywall fixings.

Rubber isolation strips.

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