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Home TV/cinema room with soundproofing.

This exciting project posed a few challenges from the get go. As is typical of most modern new build homes, most of the lightweight construction materials that were installed some 20 years ago, had to be completely stripped out and disposed of due to the challenges of needing a good level of soundproofing without compromising it too much space.

The obvious solution was to use the MuteClip and furring channel system around all of the walls, as well as double layer of soundbloc plasterboard with acoustic mineral wool and Tecsound membrane.

Once all of the surfaces were re-lined and skimmed it was onto the lighting for the coffer and niche cupboards to give the room a warm and comfortable feeling.

NOTE: One of the main considerations was to achieve a space that could be used as a TV/cinema room but also be used for everyday family use ie gaming and general relaxing space and its safe to say that this was achieved with a great outcome for all the family.

Containing the noise is this space was easily achieved using the 7 cm MuteClip and furring channel system which made a huge improvement on the original dot and dab 12.5mm standard board and meant that even action packed movies can be watched with the 5:1 speaker set up with minimal disruption for the rest of the house.

The overall cost for the soundproofing materials element of the installation was under £2.5k but absolutely essential for this application and money well spent with a fantastic end result.

Here are a few images of the final finish and a great overall result for the soundproofing work, warm lighting and comfortable viewing, acoustic treatment and AV enjoyment.

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