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Project: Lounge party wall soundproofing (inc chimney breast) in Peterborough. System: MuteClip

Updated: May 22, 2023

We were contacted by David who wanted to treat his lounge party will with a soundproof system that gained the best possible reductions in the alcoves but didn't take to much space around the chimney breast and reveals. After agreeing on the 14cm independent timber stud frames in the alcove areas we then agreed that the MuteClip® and furring channels direct to the chimney breast (at a loss of space of 6.5cm) was the ideal solution.

Once the stud frames (inc isolation rubbers) where fixed into place and filled with dense 60kg mineral wool we then fixed more clips and furring channels to the stud frames - ensuring to acoustically seal as we went!- ready for final coverings across all surfaces which inc double 15mm SoundBloc and Tecsound SY70 membrane. The wall was now ready for a final plaster skim finish on completion.

Once we had completed the plastering the site was cleared. After catching up with David shortly after we were given the feedback and the results were pretty resounding! -"delighted with the final result" -David C.

So another fantastic project completed and now onto Hertford for a early 1800s cottage that also requires party wall treatment.

Please find our Timelapse video of the installation at:

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