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Project: Loft space conversion. Wall and Ceiling Soundproofing

Updated: May 22, 2023

This was another really enjoyable soundproofing project carried out to help transform a previously under utilised loft space. The customer was looking to create a family room in the upper part of his home and required soundproofing to treat the floor, ceiling and walls to help contain but also stop outside noise entering the property.

We started by adding 60kg mineral wool to the floor cavity and then laying an isolation strip over the floor joists to create a 'floating floor' to minimise sound transfer to the other rooms inside the home and then this was complimented with a high density t&g cement particle board.

Next we looked to address all the ceilings ,slopes and stud frames.

Treating all the surface with the same product build up of :

  • Rockwool inside the cavity spaces.

  • Clip and furring channels across timber studs and joists.

  • x 2 layers of 15mm SoundBloc plasterboard.

  • Tecsound membrane between boards.

Here the images show how the mineral wool fits perfectly and provides fantastic absorption inside the cavity space.

Clip and furring channels fit at 400mm centres across the sloping areas across.

Here the first layers of Tecsound covered plasterboards are added to the clip and furring channels are added.....

Before the second and final skin of boards are added.

MuteMat and Tecsound are added to the floor space to further improve the impact and airborne performance.

Once all the areas had been treated with the soundproofing materials and sealed with acoustic sealant the walls are now ready for plastering.

What was left was a wonderful space with all the convenience of storage, en suite bathroom, shower room but more importantly with the assurance that the music, movie nights, gaming etc could be enjoyed without concern of being disturbed or the worry of upsetting neighbours close by.

Another really enjoyable projected completed and more importantly a happy customer who has a family room that can provide many years of fun for himself and his young family.

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