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Project: Hertfordshire soundproofing materials for party wall and independent ceiling.

Updated: May 31, 2023

Case study. In this case study, we were asked by the client to provide soundproofing across the party wall (including the chimney breast and aperture) after some bad experiences with neighbours in their previous property,as well as treatment to the lounge ceiling.

This was to allow for the lounge to still be in use whilst their young child was able to sleep upstairs without being disturbed by TV and radio noise.

  1. We started by installing the MuteClip® and furring channel system (designed and manufactured by Ikoustic) to the party wall via mechanical fixings to create a subframe that allowed for our dense mineral wool to be fitted between the channels.

  2. Once these products were in place, we are now able to start installing the high density plasterboard to the channels. After the first layer of boards were fitted, it was then time to acoustically seal all of the larger gaps around the perimeter, and between boards to create an airtight seal.

  3. The next step is to apply the self adhesive Tecsound SY 70 membrane to the layers of plasterboard, all the while, trying to keep the membrane as seamless as possible for maximum efficiency. Now this stage was completed. It was time to install the final layer of 15 mm acoustic plasterboard to the channels ready for plastering.

* In preparation for the new log burner that was to be installed. We lined the back, sides and upper areas of the aperture with a special heat resistant board and plaster to retain both sound and fireproofing properties.

Now time to move on to the ceiling area. Due to the RSJ's that were currently supporting the floor above. The client was happy to use the lowest point of the steels to create an independent timber stud frame system, which also, has the benefits of providing excellent impact noise reducing qualities.

We continued with the same products very similar to the wall system, consisting of 100 mm Rockwool RW3 mineral wool, x2 acoustic plasterboard and Tecsound SY70 visco elastic membrane.

The end result was a fantastic looking blank canvas for the customer to apply their own decorative finish, but more importantly, the peace and quiet they desired when first discussing their requirements from the project.

Here is what the customer had to say it, and we couldn't be more happy with the final outcome, as well as delivering a great result for the lovely young family.

"we haven't heard a peep from the neighbours since, and we've had no complain back our way! The sound insulation on the ceiling has been absolutely superb with the baby!"

In total, the project took five days to complete to a plastered finish.

Please find a list of the materials used on this project:

  1. Muteclip® and furring channels.

  2. Tecsound SY70 visco-elastic membrane.

  3. 25mm Rockwool Rw3 mineral wool.

  4. 100mm Rockwool Rw3 mineral wool.

  5. 6 x 2 timber joists.

  6. AC95 acoustic sealant.

  7. 15mm 1200 x 1200 soundBloc plasterboard.

If you do need any assistance with a project that requires installation or products please do not hesitate to contact us on 01462–222-123 as we carry out Soundproofing London Herts, Beds, and all of the South East.

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