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London soundproofing for bedroom/living room walls

Undertaking any soundproofing project can be a daunting task. Heavy materials, unsure of conflicting advice and a seemingly never ending choice of products can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

We carried out a party wall installation that required the removal of the notoriously poor sound blocking properties of the dot and dab that had been installed by a previous attempts at soundproofing the party wall by a well meaning general builder who had with the best intentions actually made the soundproofing worse in our clients London home.

With a combination of independent timber stud frame system soundproofing and a combination of clips and furring channels, dense 60kg (per m3) mineral wool and a double layer of 15 mm Soundbloc plasterboard with a Tecsound membrane sandwich we were able to dramatically reduce the noise from the neighbours TV and radio and give our client back her peace and quiet. We completed the work to a plastered finish and completed the wall in a single day.

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