The MuteClip® channel is a specifically designed product that has been made to custom fit with the MuteClip® as part of a wider soundproofing system for wall and ceiling applications.


Designed for treatment for internal walls and ceilings this product works as a part of a larger system to help reduce both impact and airborne noise problems.

Can be used as part of a direct to wall or into timber frame/joist system.

Weight: 0.5kg

Length: 1.85 m

Width: 63 mm

Height: 22.25 mm

MuteClip Channel®

100 Meters
  • *To be fitted in conjunction with MuteClip® system for walls and ceilings.

    •High Quality. This is a high quality, robust product is specifically designed to perfectly fit with the MuteClip® with a return lip to carry impressive weigh loads. 

    •Rated performance.  60dB airborne. 35dB impact transmission*