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The MuteClip® standard is a high performance, space saving acoustic isolation clip useable with a wide range of applications including timber, metal, brick and concrete. With a unique dual density rubber mounting system to give outstanding results its suited to a host settings in both domestic and commercial properties. Designed for treatment for internal walls and ceilings this product works as a part of a larger system to help reduce both impact and airborne noise problems.Can be used as part of a direct to wall or into timber frame/joist system.

Approximately 4-5 clips required per 1 m². 

Weight: 50g Length: 76mm Width: 35mm Thickness: 29mm.

MuteClip® Standard

£3.50 Regular Price
£3.40Sale Price
    • • High Performance: rated 60dB airborne and 35dB impact transmission*.
    •  Space saving installation without compromising performance. 
    •  Wide range of uses and fixings to multiple backings i.e. timber, metal, masonry etc.
    • Works in conjunction with other soundproofing materials towards Part E Building Regulations.
    • Weight: 50g Length: 76mm Width: 35mm Thickness: 29mm.
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