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Spray Contact Adhesive is a multi-purpose contact adhesive which is suitable with a variety of our products to help provide a tack bond for Mass Loaded Vinyl and rubber surface finishes to timber.


Although adhesives do not directly improve the soundproofing performance, it does prevent the bowing of timber that could cause a 'slapping' effect on the flooring. It also prevents any movement in the flooring that could lead to cracking of fragile joins in timber finishes on the tongue-and-groove fitting and tearing of any vinyl.


500ml can.

For tacking materials to timber structures.

Suitable for use with our MuteMat® and MuteBarrier™ range.

Contact Adhesive

  • Coverage: 500ml can

    For: all internal applications that require only the tacking of material rather than a permanent bond.

    Installation: simply point nozzle and spray, make sure to clean once finished and reusing.

    Where:  on all tacking of our MuteMat® and MuteBarrier™ materials for flooring installations.

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