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Carpet Gripper Strip (Self-Adhesive) is used under carpet gripper rods under gripper rods to raise them to the correct height. Each one comes with a Self-Adhesive backing that can be applied to most sub-floor materials for a quick and easy installation.


These are essential for use with our MuteMat range, this is because their heights are found above 10mm, and this will leave a dip around the perimeter of the room when you are installing the Gripper Rod directly to the floor. Their installation is purely aesthetical, and to level the flooring.


5mm x 30mm x 10m.

For raising Gripper Rods to an appropriate height, helping to avoid dips around the perimeter.

Self-adhesive backing for a straightforward install.

Does NOT include the gripper rod, these will need to be sourced independently.

Carpet Gripper Riser Strip (rubber)

  • • Dimensions: 10m x 30mm x 5mm.

    Weight: 1.1kg

    For: homes, workplaces, industrial developments, and specialist audio environments.

    Installation: to be used with our MuteMat™  range, please see our 'Install' tab below.

    Where: used around the perimeter of out MuteMat materials to raise the Carpet Grippers to an appropriate height. Gripper Rods not included.

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