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Acoustic and Intumescent Sealant is an absolute essential for soundproofing. General advice for the majority of soundproofing products, especially with the use of Acoustic Plasterboard, or installing rigid materials, is to leave a 2-5mm gap from the perimeter to reduce 'Flanking Transmission', a negative impact of sound taking an alternative route to the direct and 'obvious' path, for instance through the wall and not the two adjacent walls. This form of 'Flanking Transmission' is where the two solid materials in contact quickly pass through vibration, and the Acoustic Sealant acts almost like a putty, it does not set solid. Acoustic Sealant is also to be used between Acoustic Plasterboard layers, and on each sheet, to increase the air-tightness of the 'acoustic barrier'.


900ml tubes (requires 900ml applicator gun)


Covers approximately 32 linear meters with a 5mm thick bead

Please allow about 24 hours curing time before decorating over (4-5 days in a damp environment) 

AC 95 Acoustic Sealant

  • Dimensions: 293mm x 62mm x 62-270mm cut out.

    Weight: 1.6kg.

    For: every internal application

    Compliance: Compliant with Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).*

    Installation: used with a Jumbo Applicator Gun, specific installation found in the 'Install' tab below

    Where:  between all plasterboard products and around perimeters where it is advised to leave a 2-5mm expansion gap.

    Essential for almost every soundproofing project, to be used in all perimeter gaps and sealing between Acoustic Plasterboards, and MuteBoard™. To be used with a Jumbo Applicator Gun.

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