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Welcome to Silent Treatment Soundproofing- the leading supply and fitting service for all things soundproofing and acoustics in both domestic and commercial settings.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge gained through many years working closely with our clients and manufacturers to bring the best possible results at affordable prices.


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With over 30 years of combined experience working within the soundproofing industry our team are vastly experienced in both the technical and practical challenges  presented.

So whether you are looking to meet part E of the building regs, transform an outbuilding, treat walls, floors or ceilings or any other of issues regarding noise disturbance then please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We work very closely with both our suppliers and acousticians to bring you the most innovative products available to bring you the best possible results for your requirements.

We are fully insured and carry out all our works in a safe, clean and professional manner and treat your property with the utmost respect.

Working from Home?

Need a quiet space to work from?


Working from home can be a challenge whether it be children playing, roadworks, loud neighbours etc, we have a range of solutions to help reduce the noise and make working from home a more pleasurable experience.

We have solutions for single room, outbuilding and loft space conversions to bring a tranquil office environment to your home setting.


Why not speak to us about options to create a better working environment within your property?

Guide to soundproofing

 Dictionary; Soundproofing

‘Preventing, or constructed of material that prevents, the passage of sound’

There are a variety of different approach’s to address noise complaints whether the issue is to block disturbance from a noisy neighbour, attempting to contain sound inside your own property, convert a space for work or meet part E of the building regs then we have the advice and installers on hand to carry out the works from start to finish. 

This is achieved by following the principles of:

Absorption - Filling any cavities with the appropriate amount of mineral wool to trap sound which then converts to heat.

Mass - Adding density is a vital part of this process and this should be the main consideration in most soundproofing


Isolation/Separation - Separating (decoupling) between two surfaces/structures is an important part to reduce flanking and sound transmission. 

What type of issue do you have?

Airborne: Noise created by T.V., sound systems, loud conversation etc.

Impact: Created by heavy footfall, moving of furniture etc.

How loud is the noise entering your property?

Both issues present differing obstacles and require different methods to help reduce the problem. 



By adding a combination of layers of specialist soundproofing materials and sticking to the principles of isolating, adding mass and absorption then great improvements can be achieved!


Noise pollution in the home is a very common yet very serious problem that can cause issue such as loss of sleep, intrustion of privacy and even have a big impact on health.


Here at Silent Treatment we understand the needs of home owners and have the experience to advise and install the latest and best quality products for your requirements.


If you own or work in a commercial property you are probably well aware of  the impact of noise entering & leaving your property.


Whether you need a quiet environment to work or actually work in a loud area and need to stop noise escaping we have the expertise and knowledge to both advise you and work closely with manufacturers to bring you the latest and best quality products.


The working environment is a very important place to have the correct acoustic performance as a poorly treated work area commonly found in most offices, gymnasiums, leisure centres, halls, theatres etc can have a detrimental effect on productivity and welfare.


Call us today to find the latest and best products available to aid performance in your work environment.


Grey Bedroom

My neighbours have now faded into the background - which is as it should be. Once again thank you all so much.

Rosie, Cambridge