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MuteClip® XP (Extended Profile) is a high performing acoustic sound isolation clip with a unique design of density rubber polymers, each  designed and assembled to improve noise reduction over awide range of frequencies while remaining stable and consistent with every MuteClip® XP. With its extended profile it helps to even out varying joist depths whilst still maintaining the same performance as the standard MuteClip®, with pre-piloted holes the brackets can be easily fixed to the sides of timber joists, creating an efficient and streamlined way and eliminating the need to level and install new joists and framework. The MuteClip® XP systems is also quick and easy to install and can be carried out by a single person. Excellent  results in both airborne and impact testing with ease of installation at an affordable price make the MuteClip® XP and great addition without expensive and time consuming additional joinery works. 

Approximately 4-5 clips required per 1 m². 

Weight: 174g   Length: 75mm   Width: 45mm  Height: 105mm

MuteClip® XP

£6.80 Regular Price
£6.30Sale Price
  • • Dual density rubber acoustic clip.

    • Extended profile design to accommodate varying room and joist heights.

    • Dramatically reduces airborne and impact noise as a high performing, slimline acoustic system.

    • Can be used on metal, wooden, brick and concrete structures.

    • Reduced points of contact to help de-couple ceiling systems.

    • Significantly improves sounds control in both high and low frequencies.

    • A significant improvement over standard resilient bars in both performance and fitting (you can view our blog in resilient channels by clicking here).

    • Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) and Building Standards Technical Handbook 2017 for Scotland for impact transmission.

    Weight: 174g   Length: 75mm   Width: 45mm  Height: 105mm

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