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A brief introduction to ceiling and wall soundproofing.

Updated: May 22, 2023

Guide to soundproofing Dictionary; Soundproofing ‘Preventing, or constructed of material that prevents, the passage of sound’ There are a variety of different approach’s to address noise complaints whether the issue is to block disturbance from a noisy neighbour, attempting to contain sound inside your own property, convert a space for work or meet part E of the building regs then we have the advice and installers on hand to carry out the works from start to finish. This is achieved by following the principles of: Absorption - Filling any cavities with the appropriate amount of mineral wool to trap sound which then converts to heat. Mass - Adding density is a vital part of this process and this should be the main consideration in most soundproofing applications. Isolation/Separation - Separating (decoupling) between two surfaces/structures is an important part to reduce flanking and sound transmission.

What type of issue do you have? Airborne: Noise created by T.V., sound systems, loud conversation etc. Impact: Created by heavy footfall, moving of furniture etc. How loud is the noise entering your property? Both issues present differing obstacles and require different methods to help reduce the problem. Solutions: By adding a combination of layers of specialist soundproofing materials and sticking to the principles of isolating, adding mass and absorption then great results can be achieved!

Even something as simple as identifying exactly where the issue is either coming from or entering into your property can leave you feeling frustrated and wondering where to turn. Here at Silent Treatment Soundproofing we have many years experience in identifying a wide range of issues that commonly occur in the home and workplace which may previously have been misdiagnosed by a general builder or a well meaning friend or neighbour.

For all those unanswered questions or any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation or quotation and let us help you get back the tranquility you and your home deserve.

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